Desert Places


The desert is a relentless, unforgiving place.  When we find ourselves in this place, doubt, deception and depression can easily fill the empty places of our soul. It’s hard to imagine, but the Lord does have His purposes for those desert places.  That’s when He desires us to cling to Him, to refresh us with the truth about Him.  We may still be in that desert place, but He will carry us through.

The next time you find yourself in a desert, ask yourself these 3 questions:

Lord, help me to stand strong in this desert.  Help me to know Your grace by trusting in Your character.  I need to be strong and faithful at reading Your word and understanding Your promises and Your program and plans for me.  I want to know Your Word so well that the Truth will always win in my life over the deceiver. That I will apply what I know to be true so the accuser is without a case. I want to understand Your gospel so well that I will never doubt Your promise of salvation.  And when the fiery darts of temptation, lies and deception bombard me, Lord may I have absolute confidence in You, Your promises, power and timing in my life.

Your humbly grateful daughter,




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