Delayed Obedience

“Delayed obedience is disobedience,” I have heard mothers recite while training their toddler. As mothers we want to teach our child to respond to our voice and to react. It is not because we have a desire to control them, it is because we have a desire to protect them and teach them what is right.

If I had to summarize in one word what the Lord has been teaching me this year it would be OBEDIENCE.

I wish I could always claim to have been obedient, but unfortunately before this year I have been the toddler who struggled with delayed obedience. I eventually ended up doing what God wanted me to do or going where he wanted me to go, but it was not until I pitched a fit with tears. Like the toddler I became resolved that my tantrum was not going to change the Lord’s mind so I dried my tears and obeyed.

Delayed obedience is disobedience.

Another thing I have learned is the Lord is not going to leave you alone until you “got it.” Just as we continue to train our child on a certain issue and we keep working with them until it becomes a “non-issue;” God is the same way.

When I was presented with a task earlier this year I knew the Lord was waiting to see if I would obey right away or throw my natural tantrum. I am happy to say I have learned my lesson (at least on this one occasion). That is not to say I don’t have stress about being out of my comfort zone or insecurities, but what I have found on the other side is that life is much sweeter when you obey.

Do you struggle with obedience? Are you like me and freak when the Lord presents something to you where in your human eyes you don’t believe you have the talent to perform? Maybe I can save you from some hardship by telling you:

    1. God will keep working with you until you understand the lesson he is teaching.
    2. Disobeying leads to a life of turmoil, unsettledness, and anxiety.
    3. Obeying can be scary, but it leads to a life filled with peace.
    4. By obeying you are living a life enjoying God’s approval.

What more could we ask?

If they obey and serve him, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity* and their years in contentment.” Job 36:11 NIV

*Prosperity in the Job 36:11 according to Strong’s (#2896) means good, pleasant, or agreeable.

Father forgive me for delayed obedience, help me to understand that when you speak it is to protect and train me. Please comfort anyone who is struggling with obeying and may your Holy Spirit guide and direct them to a life filled with peace. Amen

God’s Girl,

Lori Kasbeer
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11 thoughts on “Delayed Obedience

  1. Kim

    I have been guilty of that too and your right, you never feel at ease until you FINALLY do what the Lord is asking.
    Great post. Thank you.

  2. eph2810

    Amen to that, Lori…Oh, I have been disobedient far often, and I usually ended up getting hurt. It takes a while to get it, to be obedient and not to ignore God’s guidance.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

  3. LynnLynn


    Wow, it appears as though you and I are on this same path. The Lord has called me to obediance in an area and I have struggled. Wow, I so needed this today. Love you girl.

  4. Karen

    Your post title grabbed attention. I knew before I read one word that this was something I needed to be reminded of today. As mothers, I think the Lord teaches us many many lessons through the interactions with our children…whether they are young or grown, like my boys are. Thank you for sharing this today!

  5. MarshaMarsha

    I was just talking with my at risk girls I teach about this very thing last week. I particularly love your 4 points. Thanks for sharing this, Lori!
    Have a blessed weekend.

  6. Vicki

    A timely post for all of us, Lori. Thank you. And while disobedience leads to turmoil and anxiety, abiding in Him results in grace to obey.


    I’m learning that we are *already* approved and accepted in the Beloved when we’re in Christ. Our behavior cannot alter that truth, halleluiah! ?

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