How do we hear the voice of God?

Early in the morning, I turn to God’s word, looking for His wisdom and listening for His voice. But when the chaos of the day surrounds me, I get caught up in my busyness and don’t often notice God’s whispers along the way. Lately, though, I’ve been asking God to speak to me throughout the day and I’ve been paying attention, ears wide open, to see what He has to say.

We were praying about a big family decision (regarding schooling), so I asked the kids to pray too. Each morning in the car ride to school, I asked if they were looking for God’s answers. My ten year old daughter has been reading Heaven is for Real and I think it awakened in her a realization that God does communicate personally with us. She was waiting eagerly for God to speak. But, what was she expecting?

We want God to put a sign on the road that says, “turn here,” or a verse in the Bible that says, “You should take this job.” But He doesn’t work that way, does He? When His direction is clear, it comes in small pieces and continually reaffirmation.
So, first there was an impression upon our hearts to do what was best for the children. This was the Holy Spirit at work in us. Second came a Bible study about discipleship, which clarified our role as parents and our vision for our children. Then, circumstances began to line up, and this one can be tricky to decipher. For us, it was friendships that were falling apart and other factors that created distance from our present circumstances. This alone was not enough to confirm our decision, but we knew it was God’s way of preparing us for a big change.

One morning after a difficult day full of these types of circumstances, my eight year old said, “I think that’s God telling us, Mom.” He got it – God was putting the pieces together one little bit at a time so we could be sure that we were on the right track.
The final piece that fell into place was the confirmation of our decision from trusted counsel. I love it when God speaks so clearly and uses all of His resources to make His voice clear.

How have you been hearing God’s voice lately?

2 thoughts on “How do we hear the voice of God?

  1. Iris

    You are right, Heather. God does still speak to us, but we often don’t hear or see His ways; we tend to be too busy. Right now, God is keeping me calm through the storms of life.

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