The Humming Bird Atheist

I snapped this photo last night from my family room window. We are looking into the backyard. It’s twilight in this scene. It’s the mad rush of the Hummingbirds. The winter months offer very little in the way of sweet nectar for these tiny birds so they find my overly sweetened concoction the perfect treat right before bed.

For 15 minutes prior to darkness, these tiny birds go wild. They fight, they buzz each other, they are quite loud in their protests as they tweet warnings to one another as they compete for a spot to land and drink. Actually they compete for ownership of this feeder not only in the evening, but there is an ongoing power struggle that plays out in this corner of my yard every day.

I love these birds. They are a delight to watch and a joy in my life.

I am annoyed by these birds as well and this is why. Every time I walk past this feeder, I’m nearly frightened out of my thoughts. I pass by and out of the surrounding shrubs, one or two will descend upon me. They fly with lightning speed straight at my head. Buzzing around my face. I flinch and immediately raise my arms to cover my face. Sheesh. To tick me off further one will purposely hover in front of me showing me her tiny-eyed-glower to insure I have received the warning:

Stay away from MY food.

Now being that I am blonde and not afraid to talk to the birds in my back yard, I stare back at this tiny thing and tell her, “Excuse me, but don’t you realize that I’m the one who is feeding you?”

She flies back to her perch in the shrubs, unaware that I am saving her life. She is uncaring and remains hostile to the blonde lady who lovingly mixes an extra sweet delight just for her. She is unmoved to change her disposition. As I watch her flee, I’m hit smack in the face with a thought,


I get it.

It is absolutely obvious that I provide the nectar to help sustain these birds through winter. They fight over what I freely give. I am so extraordinarily large in their scheme of life, so foreign to their living and it’s likely that I appear threatening.

Whoa! Do you think this is how God sees us?

It’s absolutely obvious that He created everything. I mean everything. He loves to give us extra sweet gifts but are we too small to conceive they are of Him? The very hand who feeds us is the one we are convinced is a threat. God faithfully and lovingly removes things from our lives that He knows will one day harm us, yet we fight with all our might to cling to our little corner of the yard.

I think about my unbelieving husband. He can’t see God. Yet God is all around him. He fights against the power that is helping him as God stands near and speaks, “Can’t you see it’s me. Everything good and edifying in your life, I stand near you and provide.”

I once hear a an atheist on a radio program say that when he dies and if by some slim chance there is a God, he will demand an answer of Him, “Why didn’t you reveal yourself?”

God will reply,” Every time you opened the front door and took a step into my creation, you were looking into the face of God.”

Luke 12:6 (NIV) Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies ? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. ~Nor the hummingbirds….

Be blessed, Lynn

I would love to share a few more of my photos over at my place. Stop in. Leave a prayer request for the atheist in your life, leave a link to your bird photos.(I love photos of God’s creation), and let’s walk together as we journey toward heaven.

12 thoughts on “The Humming Bird Atheist

  1. Barbara

    What a powerful message. This not only makes me think of my husband but also myself when I don’t understand and want things to go the way I want them to go, I know my God loves me and holds my future in His hands. Sometimes we too fight against that power that so lovingly takes care of us even when we mess up.

  2. Emmie

    Your post really made me think and I thank you for posting it. I also have a husband that doesn’t believe and it baffles me how he does not see all the good that God gives us.

  3. LynnLynn


    I too think so many think they can “talk” themselves out of anything including rejection of God. It grieves me….

    Oh but how I love to step out into creation and I see the face of God every …. single….. time.

    Thanks for sharing your time with me. Love you my friend. Lynn

  4. JoanJoan Davis

    What a great reminder to thank God for His provisions! You are right…He made EVERYTHING around us, but so often we “forget” that. As I go about my day today, I’m going to be careful, not to be like the feisty hummingbirds!

    Living for Him, Joan

  5. BernadineBernadine

    Lynn, I read your entire post with a smile on my face. You have such a beautiful way of bring God’s truth to light. It would have been so interesting if that ungrateful little hummingbird had answered you

  6. LynnLynn

    Hi Joan, thank you for spending time with me. Hope your day is filled with hummingbirds and blessings.

    And Bernadine, You crack me up. Have a blessed day. Sending you a hug. Love, Lynn

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