One Thing for the New Year

I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions to me means “change” and change is something that should happen more often than just the start of a new year. Most people have difficulty keeping their commitment to what they intend to resolve, that’s probably why most New Year’s resolutions get dissolved by mid February.

In the hands of mankind, change is only temporary. However, when we allow God to change us, it sticks and becomes a permanent change.

Instead of making a resolution this New Year, I will be making a renewal. Renewing my mind and my life to be more centered on Christ. Making Him the one thing in my life that brings change where change needs to be.

If anyone wants to change their exercise habits, they may want to get a trainer. Same is true if someone wants to become a better athlete, getting a trainer will help. When you and I decide to commit our ways to the Lord and allow Him to change us, we must go into training and allow our Coach to stretch us and make us a better us.

Paul advises us in Timothy to: “Train yourself to be godly.” (1 Timothy 4:7)

When we train our minds, our hearts and our obedience to be more Christlike, the change will become easier and we may find that New Year’s resolutions are no longer needed. Take time to find renewal in 2018 and see how God will train you up in the way you need to go.



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One thought on “One Thing for the New Year

  1. Iris

    Yes, I do not make New Years resolution either. I usually break them the very first day. You are right, leaning on God’s Word and His council will refresh and renew us.

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