Shifting Our Focus

It’s been a wild couple months for us,but so full of blessings. God has done some amazing things for us. We so do not deserve them,but He loves us. Have you ever wanted something really bad? Well, you get it and then you find something to complain about. I must confess, I have done it recently. It reminds me of the Israelite people. They would beg God for something and when He gave it to them,they complained and murmured against him. I find myself much like them.

We have moved to the country and it’s been a desire of our hearts for quiet sometime. We have lived in the city for 7 years and have been patiently waiting for God to unfold His plan. It has been so wonderful to feel more safe in a rural setting. I was so happy that I could burst! Then, it happened… I started to complain. I didn’t even realize what I was doing. Flies. Spiders. Sand. More bugs. Silly,trivial things. Here I was living where I have longed to go back too and I am complaining about things. Big things to me,no doubt,but still I was complaining.

One day I just broke. Between our routine being very out of whack (I must have routine and structure),bugs,and hubby working a lot away from us, I just lost it. I began to really let Satan steal my joy. I am a happy person by nature and an encourager,so when I get down, I am down there, let me tell ya. I began to dislike our new place and wanted to go back to our tiny apartment in the city. Who does that remind you of? Yes, the Israelite people in the dessert after being set free from bondage in Egypt. Things have not changed much,have they? People are still ungrateful and selfish.We just cannot be satisfied no matter what goes our way at times. It goes to show we are in desperate need of a heart transformation every day we wake up.

God used our Pastor to show me how I was acting through a sermon 2 weeks ago. I realized this morning that I had let Satan take my eyes off of the provision of God. I had shifted my focus to the hardships and not kept them on my Savior. I have stopped rejoicing. We are told to rejoice all the time in all things. We are to be a joyful people! Who else did this? Why Peter,a disciple of Jesus. He started worrying about self preservation while walking on the water and during the accusations of Jesus. We are so much like those men at times. Thank God for our Savior! Who was selfless and did not worry about himself,but was so willing to please the Father that he died a grueling death for us.


I am so glad that God does not give up on us and on me. He loves me though I am immature and selfish. He longs to see me mature daily and to be more like His Son. I am so glad He is patient with us. He loves us and only wants good for us. I told the Lord this morning that I was shifting my focus back to Him and His goodness. I am deathly afraid of spiders or any creepy crawling thing,but that should not steal my joy. An off routine should not steal my joy. Or a house full of dirt should not steal my joy.


What has taken your focus off of the Lord? Is He lovingly calling it back to Him? He longs to see us love Him wholeheartedly. Won’t you shift your focus back to Jesus?

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Look full into his wonderful face

And the things of this world will grown strangely dim

In the light of His glory and grace.

Lord, thank You for being so patient and so kind with us. Thank You for showing us how much You love us and adore us. May we let go of things that do bog us down and do turn our eyes from You. May we embrace all that You have for us,good and hard. Let us rejoice in all things and all the time. Help us to remember we have a lot to rejoice about just in the fact that You gave us Your Son,Jesus. Help us to shift our focus back to You and Your wonderful works. In Jesus Name,Amen.




4 thoughts on “Shifting Our Focus

  1. Laurie

    Great Word Heather! We all can say amen and guilty at the same time to this. My husband has been preaching the last couple of weeks about having a murmuring spirit and attitude. ouch. May we all see Gods hand in our lives and show gratitude and not an attitude! Thanks for sharing today! ((hugs))

  2. Bp

    That song is so comforting to me, thank you for reminding me of it.

    I’ve let those same things steal my joy. Thanks for the post.

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