The Power of Hope

How often have I used the word hope like it’s a lucky charm? “Oh, I hope it works out.” “I hope she gets better.” “I hope I get to go.”
Hope is not a wish sent off on the wings of an angel to some ethereal plane, nor is it pie in the sky positive thinking. Hope is anticipation, confidence, security.

Many times I hope for change–change in people’s lives, hearts, actions, direction. It means I anticipate with confidence that change can take place because I know my all powerful, all knowing God is more than capable of producing that change.

I see it in how He changes the seasons. After a long harsh winter, I hope for spring. That doesn’t mean I wring my hands and say, “Oh, I hope God decides to change the season!” God has already ordained the times and seasons. Believing that, I look forward with yearning and longing for that change, in full confidence, it will happen.
Does everything I hope for come into being? If my hope is in seeing His will be done, yes. But what if the person I’m praying for never changes? What if the sick never get well? How does that affect my hope?
I’ve grappled with those questions and many others regarding hope. I asked Him to fill me with hope, to give me the gift of hope. Hear His words of Hope for you today.
I understand, My child, when you are uncertain about My will, when you cry out in the lonely moments of your despair for the life of a loved one,
for physical healing, healing of relationships that have gone awry like sprung coils; cries in the midst of a storm;
Dear one, do not lose heart, do not lose hope. I Am Hope.
I give you more than future glory. I am your present glory. I do hear you; I do answer you.
My ears are not closed to your requests and your fervent prayers, but you must have hope.
Trust Me! I know your heart, I hear you, but My will cannot be flopped like a fish on the sand.
I cannot change because you fast, or plead, or because you insist you know more than I.
Allow My written Word, which throbs with the Power of Hope, to enter your mind and body like fresh blood in your veins, new life in your thoughts.
Your hope of glory is in My Son, the One sho works on building your mansion daily.
But how will you love His hold hammer without the hope of eternal life that I promised ages ago (and I cannot life)?
And how will you be recognized if you are not wearing your helmet of hope?
And how will your soul relax in the trials of life if you do not perceive in the far reaches of your mind that I give you more than miracles?
When you have My mind, My wisdom, My knowledge, My understanding, you will not panic at the threat of death.                                                                     Instead, you will march through it as if it were only a valley, because I am with you.                                                                                                                                     Do not be afraid, My child. Caress the sister of love, which is your gift of hope, and bravely come through the darkness.

(These words are compiled from meditating on the following passages: Romans 15:4; Colossians 1:27; John 14:2,6; Colossians 1:23; 1:5; Romans 5:2; 1 Thessalonians 5:8; Titus 1:2; Psalm 23:4)

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