When You’re Feeling Jackhammered


Have you ever felt like the world was pressing down on you like a jackhammer?

The daily pressures of life. Government shutdown (again!). Wars and rumors of war. The loss of a spouse, child, parent. Grief. Financial crisis. Worry. Anxiety. Guilt. Unforgiveness. Fear. Shame. Harsh words. Bitterness.

Blasting. Pounding. Noise. Chipping. Drilling. 

Blasting away, trying to destroy you and turn your faith into a pile of ruin and rubble. It’s relentless.

It’s relentless. 

The shaking soul cries out. ”God, are You there? Do You hear me?”

But even more relentless than the jackhammer pressing down on you is the relentless love of God. 

Do you know that you, yes YOU, are loved by the Beloved of all creation, the Lord of love Himself, with an everlasting, relentless love?

He is the author of all things, including love.

He’s the Giver of life and all good and perfect gifts. Sometimes His love is encapsulated in the pain, but it’s there none the less. He’s with you even as life is pressing in. The good to be found is His nearness, His promise to be with you no matter what. Psalm 73:28

Hold on to that truth. Hold it close to your heart, but also fly it high as a banner of love over your head. Let that banner draw hurting, searching souls to that love they see over you by your attitude of mercy. Extend a hand of forgiveness, just as His arms were stretched and His hands nailed to a cross for your forgiveness.

Our Lord and Savior never gossips, never, lies, never points a finger in harsh judgment against His own. You can trust Him with Your deepest thoughts.

Don’t listen to the voices of culture. They desire to lead you away from Perfect Love and down the path of shallow love. His is the voice we are to listen to.

Listen to what He says:

“I love You with an everlasting love. I draw you to myself continually in lovingkindness and faithfulness.” Jeremiah 31:3

Abide in Me and evil words will not, CANNOT destroy you and rejection cannot tear you down. 

You have My love. What else do you need?

Come to Me.


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