A Universal Theme

One of my passions is writing fiction. In a writer’s world we are the masters of the pen (actually a computer keyboard but that didn’t sound as cool). We create these characters through various techniques and tell them what to do.

But then they take on a life of their own and begin to tell us what the story is about. This can be quite fascinating, like sitting at movie, watching the story unfold. Other times it’s frustrating because these life-like characters make bad choices or behave poorly (there’s always at least one), resisting our intended purpose for them.

When I think of writing like this, I wonder about what God must see. We are like the characters of His story, created with His purpose in mind. Yet we have free will and the ability to choose poorly or wisely.

God gives us that room, though I know we must frustrate him terribly at times. The Israelites certainly did. But part of the joy I experience in writing a powerful scene with my characters is seeing them grow and embrace God’s love and truth. There’s a sense of victory there even though these characters exist only in my head.

I remember as a kid imagining these scenes where the heroine (usually me) persevered and made this huge impact or discovery. I walked into the sunset as a new inspiration to my fellow underdogs (the theme of many teen movies).

The funny part of all this is, the longer I write and study the books and movies that are popular, the more I find a universal theme there—of a nobody discovering they have some kind of special gift that helps them save the day. A gift that comes from somewhere outside them and suddenly this feels-like-a-nobody character is someone unique.

Now the amazing part. This is a story theme that has existed for thousands of years. The one I like best? The one in the Bible.

Jesus was just an ordinary carpenter. He didn’t look like much to those who resented and envied Him. He didn’t appear a whole lot different from the men He walked with. He started out as a nobody in the eyes of those around Him. But to know Him was to know He walked in greatness and humility.

He walked this earth like a man, yet within He held a power to “save the day.” And every person who knows Him.

His is the story of the ultimate Messiah, the one true Savior of the world. He was and is the true Hero of the story—of the world and of our lives.

And the absolutely mind-blowing final part? Jesus lives in us, changing us from nondescript nobodies to uniquely gifted individuals created to fit into a true story.

His story.

What’s your favorite book or movie? Can you find a universal theme?

Praying and believing,

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3 thoughts on “A Universal Theme

  1. LynnLynn

    Wow Dineen,

    I LOVED this post. You made me giggle and go ahha… Loved this…suddenly this feels-like-a-nobody character is someone unique.

    Amen. Amen. LOVE God’s stories. They are ALWAYS the BEST… Fantastic post and great writing. Hugs.

  2. Iris

    I always like movies where the characters overcome the impossible 🙂

    I am glad that Jesus walked this earth to make sure that we can spend eternity with God.

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