Give Me a Break

Golden Retriever This summer I took our puppy for a two-mile walk around a lake along with hundreds of others to support a local fundraiser. At first Teddy was wild and energetic, but as the walk continued his pace slowed. He started panting and purposely sought out the shady areas. Who could blame him? It was hot out! When we came up to a plastic pool filled with ice and bottled water, Teddy stepped right in, drank the ice-cold water and rested. He wasn’t taking another step until he cooled off.

He needed refreshment.

And I’m no different.

Like my puppy, I can get all excited about something, especially something God-centered. Adrenaline fuels my start, but as time goes on, I slow down and eventually stop and rest. Who can blame me?

We all need breaks.

Sometimes the most spiritual thing I can do is JUST BE. No agenda. No long-term race. No audience. No competition. Just me soaking in a pool of refreshment: acknowledging the presence of God in my life, remembering His love over me.

The truth is I get tired of running. I’m often thirsty and don’t realize it. I need to stop and drink in the Truth. Nothing else satisfies me like wading in the waters of God’s love.

Today I challenge you to step into the pool of refreshment. Stop going, going and going. Take a long drink. And rest knowing you are dearly loved.

It’s really okay to just be.


Cease striving and know that I am God – Psalm 46:10 NASB


Tiffany at Tea with Tiffany


8 thoughts on “Give Me a Break

  1. Laurie

    Love it Tiffany! Reminds me of our dogs when they are out in the heat too long, they come in and lap up a huge bowl of water. We are no different, when the heat hits, we better have our spiritual water ready! God bless!

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