Saying Goodbye to Old Friends…

I said goodbye to some old friends a few weeks ago. It was quite a difficult thing to do but it was time. Their time in my life had long passed but yet I held on, not wanting to let go. Those friends I speak about…some of my books.

Before Christmas I spent an entire day in my library/office going through my bookshelves and purging it of some of the many books I have. It was a painful process, because I’m quite sentimental about my books. 

There was an old Hardy Boy from primary school, I don’t think I’ll be reading The Clue of the Screeching Owl again…  Then there were the weight loss books … The old magazines… There were lots of books that I didn’t want to part with that were serving absolutely no purpose except to take up space so I let them go…

At the end of the day, I had;

– a bag of books to donate to the library,
-a bag to take to school for my students to enjoy,
-a bag for the garbage bin ,
-space on my shelves to fit those books I had hidden in drawers and stacks around my house
-and best of all several books I had bought a long time ago but never gotten around to reading…

Least you think this post is just about books…
As the New Year approaches I want to get rid of some things that have become all too familiar. I want to purge my mind the same way I purged my bookshelves. I would like to;

-Get rid of timidity and make room for boldness.
-Get rid of doubt and make room for faith.
– get rid of the hurts and disappointments of 2009 and in doing so make room for laughter and joy.

In other words, I want to get rid of the “stuff” that often brings tears, depression , feelings of inadequacy and despair and therefore make more room in my life for my heavenly father.

Dear God, thank you for the gift of 2009 and the many blessings that came with it. Should you bless me with another year help me to focus more on you; to purge my life of those things that crowd you out. May I not get so distracted by the cares of this life that I forget that you are the all wise God and that you are bigger than any problem that I will ever encounter.

God bless,


7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Old Friends…

  1. Kim

    Woo! Hoo! I’m ready for a purgefest. Both spiritually and physically! I’m actually starting on the “material” part today. The mind purging will have to wait a few more days!
    Great post.

  2. eph2810

    You are right, Bernadine. Sometimes we need to purge stuff – not only physically but also mentally. I purged a lot of ‘stuff’ that crowded Him out (my time with Him) in later part of 2009. May our Lord keep my eyes fixed on the cross in 2010.

  3. Michelle

    Thank you for that, Bernadine. It is a strange characteristic of human nature that makes us want to hold on to the bad and the ugly while shunning the gifts of God!

    Have a blessed New Year and may you year be “lighter!”

    Love in Christ,


  4. Kathy C.

    Oh yes, there are many joys I can look back on in 2009, but so many hurts and pains that I am more than thankful to put behind. I am looking so forward to a fresh new year! AMEN!

  5. LynnLynn

    Oh Bernadine. I am right there with you. Amen… I can’t wait to see how the Lord works in us in 2010. Many great things have been prepared. How cool is that??? Love you girl. Lynn

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