Do you HATE line-jumpers?

Don’t you just hate when someone cuts in front of you in line?  I mean, there you are, politely waiting for your turn, when someone ignores the line and cuts to the front.  Doesn’t that drive you CRAZY?

How do you react?

Sigh loudly?  Roll your eyes?

Politely tell the culprit to get to the BACK?

Complain and criticize with everyone else around you?  OR….

Smile sweetly and strike up a conversation with the person?

We were waiting in a (short) line at the movie theater recently.  It was a “bank style” line where there are ropes herding one long line up to the ticket window.  At the window, there were two cashiers.  As we all waited for our turn to walk up to the next available cashier, a woman walked in from outside and avoided the end by heading directly to the window from the side.  HOW RUDE!

Now, what made me especially mad was that she didn’t “butt” in front of the person ahead of me, but waited for that person to go to the window.  But, when the next available cashier was ready, she didn’t yield to me, but jumped ahead and took MY SPOT!  HOW  RUDE!!

My reaction?

To loudly proclaim to my husband waiting on the sidelines, “How rude!” while giving the lady an “indifferent” look when she glanced my way.

But, when I was alone in the ladies’ restroom, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart.

“Why are you so offended Tracy?  Are you reacting the way I would have you act?  Are you being gracious?  Loving?  Forgiving?”


I then proceeded to take my seat in the darkened theater, call my voice mail, and leave myself a message of how incredibly RUDE I had just been! 

You see, if I look to Jesus, I know how I should treat those “irritating” people.  Jesus tells me to love my enemies.  Well, if I am supposed to love my ENEMIES, then surely, I should show a little kindness to a “line-jumper” at the movie theater!  Jesus tells me in Matthew 5 that “if someone wants my tunic, let him have my cloak as well.  If someone forces me to go one mile, go with him two miles.” I see that I need to have an attitude of graciousness, forgiveness, and mercy.  I am not supposed to “get even.”  I need to extend grace to others (as I have been so freely given), forgiving them when they make mistakes.  I need to be loving to those who IRRITATE me, and I need to remember that I often make mistakes as well! 

I believe God orchestrates these little “pop quizzes” in our lives.  He wants to teach us to really shine the Light of Christ, and how to be Salt and Light in a dark world.  He calls us to be His sweet aroma in a world that  has a terrible stench of nastiness.

“Live a life worthy of the calling you have received.  Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.” -Ephesians 4:1-2

Father God, forgive me for the times I embarrass YOU!  Forgive me for having a selfish attitude and not looking to the needs of others.  Help me to be kind, loving, gentle, and patient with others, even when they “don’t deserve it.”  Remind me, Lord, that we ALL are in need of Your grace.  Help me to extend that grace freely to others.  Let me always be a reflection of Your Light.  Remind me that I am Your ambassador.  Thank You, Jesus!  In Your precious Name we pray.  Amen.

I would love if you stopped by my personal blog.  And, if I ever accidentally butt in front of you at the movies, (or cut you off in traffic…or am walking too slowly in front of you….) thanks for your graciousness!  Blessings!

10 thoughts on “Do you HATE line-jumpers?

  1. eph2810

    Oh, Tracy, I so needed the reminder this morning to extend grace to all the ones that hurt us. How often have I hurt God with my attitude…

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us.

  2. Kela

    Line jumpers are an irritation for me. I then figure that they’re in a bigger hurry than me and that their home training was non-existent.
    Grace is important and so is keeping God’s reputation in tact.

    Thanks for this reminder to just chill and not become so easily offended by the seemingly unlovely.
    After all, God loves them as much as He loves me! 🙂

  3. debbie

    This made me think as it is DEFINITELY something that I find most annoying. The other day I had this happen at the grocery story where it is difficult at best to cut in front of someone, but she did with a BIG cart of food as well. I was holding my grandson (who had crawled out of the basket) and was out of sorts at the time crying and wanting to get down (he is 11 months old) and I only had about 6 VERY NECESSARY items. I did not manage to keep my mounth shut though and said, “Oh lady, you’ve got to be kidding me. Look at me here with my few little items and this crying baby?” She looked RIGHT THROUGH me and said nothing…about this time another clerk was opening up a new register and took a hold of my cart and pulled me to the front of the line and under his breath said to me that poor woman hasn’t been the same since she lost her daughter. Conviction poored over me like you can’t imagine. How horrible I felt. We think because we really are in the right that it is OK to be annoyed or mean or rude. But you NEVER know the road someone else has been on. Thanks for this reminder to be more like Him. Blessings, Debbie

  4. lori@allyouhavetogive

    Whoa…..CONVICTED over here!
    Tracy, I have been there, done that..more than once I’m afraid…not the “cutting in line,” but the judging that I orchestrate after I’ve been the victim of RUDE…UGH….

    What a reminder…I am going to email you for a copy of this one to SHARE with the ladies in my Women’s Group and my kiddos…you know we can ALL use this reminder!!

    Inspired indeed!!

    love you!

  5. Nel

    Enjoyed your post! How true is this! We never know the circumstances another person is going thru unless we are in their shoes. Thank you for reminding us we should be more like Him!

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