Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life’s events and circumstances? Are feelings of insecurity, fear and doubt whirling around inside you like the tumultuous winds of a hurricane? Do you feel that you are being hit yet again with another storm in your life?

This past year I’ve had to weather some storms. At times I felt like I was spinning out of control. The problems and events kept assaulting the boundaries of my life, taking from me time and energy like rip currents and high surf strip away sandy beaches. All I wanted was some peace, stillness, a little down time, and yet I could find none. The storms kept coming.

One night, unable to sleep, the Lord led me to Psalm 46. Here I found words of comfort and assurance. Contained in these eleven verses, the Psalmist gives us nuggets of truth about who God is. There are three natural divisions within this Psalm. Each one ends with Selah, meaning pause, stop and think about it.

We read in verse 1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Verses 2 and 3 continue with illustrations of natural disasters that can befall us, but verse 1 brings us the assurance He will defend us in the midst of such perils. Selah. Stop. Think about it.

Verses 4-7 tells us peace is secured by the presence of God. God is in the midst, God is with us, and God is our stronghold in the threatening times of warfare. Then the Psalmist says, Selah. Stop. Think about it.

The final portion we see that God is in control of even seemingly uncertain times and the future. Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” The NASB version says, “Cease striving and know that I am God…” If I am striving, I’m not trusting that He is in control of all the circumstances of my life. Selah. Stop. Think about it.

As I reflected upon His word I gained the confidence that God is greater than any obstacle or storm I may face. I also found assurance in knowing that when life seems hopeless, God wants me to turn to Him and not to my own ways or strengths. He wants to be glorified.

Is there a storm in your life that seems overwhelming? Can you rest in God’s strength instead of worrying about it? Spend some time with Him and give Him those overwhelming situations. Trust Him to work in His way and His time. What can you do this week to apply the truth found in verse 10?

Almighty God, thank You for being my refuge and strength. Thank You for being in the midst of this storm with me. Lord, I want to stop striving for control of my life and relinquish all control to You.


3 thoughts on “Peace in the Midst of the Storm

  1. Iris

    What a beautiful reminder to look to His strength when we are in the midst of a storm.

    You have been through so much this past year, so you good news you shared yesterday is wonderful. Much love.

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