Since satan is the prince and power of the air there are many things that God has given him free hand to do, but there is ONE thing
that God has and never will give him the power to be able to do.

If God allows, satan can afflict my body, with disease, or he can attack my spirit if God allows, if allowed by God he can even affect the outcome of my day;
but there is ONE thing that God will never allow him to do to me.

God made everyone in HIS, Jesus’ and the Holy Spirits’ Image. That means God gave each of us an independent will of our own.

If we turn over our lives to God and accept the substitutionary death that Jesus provided for each of us on the Cross and we choose to live to our lives in the image and blessings
of that gift we are safe “in the coverage of our Holy God.”

Just imagine a small dot on a piece of paper with a circle drawn around the dot. We are the dot and God is the circle. To get to us satan must get through us by going past the circle.
Without Gods’ permission as we see in the Old Testament book of Job God did allow satan to get to Job, but only to prove to satan that Job would never submit to the will of satan and
let go of his faith in God; no matter what satan allowed God to torment Job with; Job purposed in his heart that nothing was worth giving up his faith in God and he stood the test.

Dear Reader the one thing that satan can never do to us is to make any one of us give up our FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST AS OUR SAVIOR AND LORD.!!!

If we do have to go through a test to prove to God that he is and will always be our ONE TRUE GOD, no matter what satan tries to lie and tell us, when the test is over God will reward us and we
will be counted Worthy as a true child of God. So no matter if this world gets bad, nothing will be worse than turning our back on God and living our lives for satan, NOTHING, and I do mean

Child of God. satan can never make us turn our back on God we would have to choose to do that ourselves. Please never, never, never turn your back on your loving and faithful God for a lie
told to you by satan.

Always remember Jesus loved you so much that HE gave His life for you on Calvary and your life is just that important to Him. Remember our lives are bought with a very important price, and that price is the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.

Dear Reader, stay true to God, I believe that He is going to have Jesus call us home very soon now.

Blessings Gloria

(C)copyrite 2017


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