Weaving a Tapestry of Worship

Worship is more than singing, praying, and reading my Bible. It’s how I live out my life. Yes, it’s an act of devotion and involves all those components, but my ambition isn’t to simply become skilled and proficient at doing things and then proclaim I have worshiped. My most holy ambition is to be Christ-like with every breath I take.  To be molded and transformed into His likeness through worship.

I enjoy reading about the lives of great Christians, heroes of the faith. They inspire me to draw closer to God.  I see three common threads in their lifestyle of worship.

First, they live a life of brokenness – a desperate sense of needing God, that it’s all about Him and not them.

The second common thread I see interwoven into the fabric of their lives is an uncommon communion with God. There was/is an attitude of pray that permeated their lives. They lived and breathed His presence. They spent serious amounts of time with the Lord.

Thirdly, they had radical, immediate obedience.

These three common threads are woven into the tapestry of every person God uses greatly. It’s their spiritual service of worship to their Almighty God.


The first and third we can all do in any season of life.  But the second thread, uncommon communion with God, can be hard to do when you are homeschooling 2 little ones, nursing another, keeping your home, and meeting your husband’s needs.  Maybe we can’t devote hours to prayer and Bible study, but there is something we can do.

We can have our own “tent of meeting” like Moses had (Exodus 33:7-11).  He would frequently leave the group and go to his place to hear from God and the Lord would tell him what He wanted him to do. We can have our own private space to meet with Him and ask Him, “Lord, how would you have me show You my love and devotion? How may I worship You today?”

If you’re like the Mom I described above, His answer to you is not going to be, “Someday my dear daughter, I’m going to do something great with you, but right now, you just stay home.”  No, His answer is going to be something like this, “My dear daughter, I want you to make the most of each moment I give you today. I want you to use your unique position in life and your unique circumstances, and I want you to give time an injection of eternal values, a taste of heaven. Then those you meet and care for on your journey today will have seen a woman who truly loves Me and worships only Me.”

What’s your unique position or stage of  life?  What circumstances are you living with? Are you rising above the circumstance with an injection of eternal values, or are you smothering under the weight?  How can you use your position and circumstances to bring glory to God and worship Him?

Lord, I praise You for creating me to be me. Lord, I want to be the best I can be so I can point others to You and give you all the praise, honor, glory, and  worship.

Create in me a spirit of brokenness. Give me an insatiable thirst and hunger for You. Lord, I want to have uncommon communion with You. I desire to give you radical, immediate obedience, but I’m weak and faint of heart at times. Help me to walk by faith with You and to trust You completely.

Lord, this is my one and only opportunity to live for eternity here on earth. To demonstrate a life committed to the service of worshipping You.

 I love You.

Your Humbly Grateful Daughter.


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